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Take Action If You Were Injured On A Dangerous Stairway Or Walkway

Walkways can deteriorate over time just like any other building or structure. While pedestrians can be expected to watch where they step and exercise reasonable caution, some hazards on sidewalks are hard to avoid. A premises liability claim may be warranted when the hazard presents a significant danger, and someone gets hurt as a result.

At Cascione, Purcigliotti & Galluzzi, P.C., we have seen people struggle with serious injuries to the head, neck and spinal cord as a result of a broken or dangerous walkway. Some end up with broken bones, damaged teeth or worse.

We do not take these injuries lightly. They have changed our clients’ lives and it is our job to help them get what they need to recover through experienced premises liability representation.

Making A Full Recovery Is About More Than Money

While our primary focus is on financial recovery in a premises liability claim, we know that cases are not just about money. Our clients are struggling with the inability to work. They have suffered pain and the loss of mobility. Everything in their daily lives, from taking care of themselves to taking care of their families is influenced by what happened.

We take great pride in helping our clients get what they need to regain a sense of normalcy after an unexpected accident. In cases of dangerous walkways, this means going after the at-fault property owner and his or her insurance company when negligence contributed to:

  • Slippery surfaces caused by snow and ice accumulation
  • Poorly lit walkways in buildings or outside
  • Debris left in a pathway with proper warnings or signage
  • Broken concrete, potholes or other uneven pathways that are not properly marked or blocked off

Broken sidewalks can be expected, especially as tree roots or weather conditions slowly wear them away. Still, a property owner can be reasonably expected to repair these damages or at the very least attempt to protect individuals who use these walkways.

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