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We’ll Help You Assert Your Civil Rights

The police are almost always professional and courageous individuals who try hard to do their job and protect the public but they are not immune to having a few bad apples in the batch. When a civilian encounters one of those bad apples the result can be a disaster. False arrests, malicious prosecutions, wrongful imprisonment and excessive force are all recoverable civil rights claims.

At Cascione, Purcigliotti & Galluzzi, P.C., we have developed expertise in identifying civil rights violations and getting fair recoveries for our clients. We have a different approach than many of the firms that you might see on the news. Publicity may be great for the lawyer’s career but not so good for the client. You won’t see us holding press conferences or posing for photos with “civil rights” activists. We respect your privacy and your reputation and will quietly get you the maximum recovery possible. Here are some of our recent cases that you never heard of:

  • $140,000 for 60 days in jail on a false arrest (Bronx)
  • $210,0000 for nine months in jail on a malicious prosecution (Bronx)
  • $65,000 for one day of false arrest and handcuff injury (Manhattan)
  • $750,000 for one day of false arrest of an MTA Bus driver and back injury from excessive force causing his disability retirement (Bronx)
  • $1,050,000 verdict for fractured orbit of a college student during a false arrest (Bronx)
  • $175,000 verdict for one day of false arrest at the West Indian Day parade and back injury requiring Chiropractic care (Brooklyn)
  • $65,000 for a hand fracture in a justified arrest (Queens)

Aggressive Civil Rights Representation From Experienced Attorneys

Thomas Cascione, a former Assistant District Attorney in the Bronx County DA’s office has tried close to a hundred criminal cases to conclusion and has obtained “not guilty” verdicts in murder, rape, robbery, arson, felony DWI, narcotics and racketeering cases in the five boroughs, Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk and Rockland counties as well as the United States District Courts in New York, New Jersey and Florida. He also represents a major police fraternal organization and has the expertise and experience to identify civil rights issues arising from arrests and prosecutions.

The Sooner You Call, The Sooner We Can Help

If you or a loved one has been falsely arrested you have a very limited time to file a claim. Even if criminal charges are still pending some of your claims can expire so you should consult a civil rights lawyer immediately. Reach us online or by telephone at 800-807-2826 for more information.