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Construction Work Is Dangerous. Know Your Rights.

Construction workers face some of the most devastating workplace injuries and work in some of the most hazardous jobs, but they are not the only individuals easily harmed by construction materials. Individuals who live and work around construction projects must also be protected from the hazards of the construction site.

At Cascione, Purcigliotti & Galluzzi, P.C., we represent any individual who has been injured on a construction site or by exposed construction materials. This includes individuals who have nothing to do with the work being performed as well as injured construction workers seeking help with workers’ compensation claims.

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Before you settle with an insurance company’s offer, discuss your premises liability case with an experienced New York attorney at our firm. We can help you recover maximum compensation in cases of:

  • Injuries from slips and falls: Many construction sites involve deep pits being dug for a foundation or tall structures that have not yet been secured for the average citizen. These hazards should be closed off to people who are not working on the construction site, with proper fencing or signage that keeps people out or warns of trespassing.
  • Injuries from falling objects: Construction projects often involve lifting materials using forklifts, cranes and other heavy equipment. If materials are not properly secured when left unattended, or workers are not properly trained in how to handle these materials, serious injuries can result.
  • Injuries from structure collapses: Mistakes can happen in the midst of constructing, repairing or remodeling a building. If a building is not demolished in stages or is not built on a solid foundation, it is easy for people to get hurt.
  • Injuries from fires and explosions: Demolitions and construction projects typically involve various utilities as well. Electrical wiring is often exposed and gas lines are turned on and off at various stages of the projects. These hazards must be properly managed to protect workers and bystanders from hazardous fumes and fires that can easily take place.

These injury claims are particularly complex. Evidence regarding construction violations and proof of negligence must be well-documented and persuasively presented in your claim along with a clear connection between negligence and your injury.

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