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About Cascione, Purcigliotti & Galluzzi, P.C.

The attorney you choose to represent you should be able to handle a case as complex as yours.

At Cascione, Purcigliotti & Galluzzi, P.C., our record of favorable results speaks for itself. What sets us apart is how we approach every case.

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What You Can Expect When Working With Us

Whether you are coming to us for help with an injury claim, a workers’ compensation case, a criminal defense matter or another litigation issue, we can promise you:

  • We don’t just sit behind our desks hoping for a favorable outcome: While a great deal of legal representation involves paperwork and filing, the most important part involves investigation. We strive to understand our clients and what happened to them. Sometimes that means meeting them at the scene of an accident or drawing on legal resources like expert investigators (some of whom used to work for the FBI and CIA) who can help us build the strongest case possible.
  • We are not afraid to go to court: Our strength in litigation stems from our confidence in the courtroom. We understand how cases are ruled from the judge’s perspective, having attorney Robert Purcigliotti, a former workers’ compensation judge, as a partner. We also understand how the opposing side will approach a case, having former medical malpractice defense attorney Mike Galluzzi as a partner as well. Our well-rounded experience and knowledge helps us take a proactive approach when developing a legal strategy.
  • We know when a case should be tried and when settlements make sense for our clients: Despite our comfort in and willingness to take matters to court, we know that trial is not always the best place to resolve a case. In fact, many clients fare best when negotiating a favorable deal rather than enduring the financial expenses and lengthy timelines of litigation. We will handle your case according to what experience has shown to be effective.
  • We value our clients’ input and are eager to work with them directly: When you call us, you will get to talk to us. Your court or settlement negotiation meeting will not be the first time you’ve spoken with us. To us, getting results for our clients begins with understanding their goals. We want you to ask us questions and stay informed through every stage of the process so that in the end, you can be happy with your result.

To arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced New York attorney, contact our office online or by telephone at 800-807-2826. We handle cases throughout the New York metro area and the five boroughs.